Instant snack: How to make instant shev/crispy shev?

Instant shev is an instant snack you can make in 15 minutes. Also it contains healthy ingredients and absorbs less oil.

Ingredients –

Bengal Gram flour / Chana Dal flour – 1 cup

Nachani (Eleusine coracana) flour – ½ cup

Soya bean flour (Soya flour) – ¾ cup

Salt – as per taste

Ajwain – as per taste

Black Pepper – as per taste

Garlic pest – as per taste



Procedure –

Take Gram flour, Nachani flour and Soya bean flour in vessel. Then add Salt, Ajwain, Black Pepper and Garlic pest as per taste.

Make hard dough by adding small amount of water.

Take the oil in kadhai (Kadhai). Put karahi on the gas.

When oil is heated, make the shev from dough using shev maker and deep fry the shev.

Instant shev is ready in almost 15 minutes. Crispy shev is ready to serve.

Instant Shev / Crispy Shev

Instant Shev / Crispy Shev


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