Lemon-Ginger Sarbat: How to make Lemon-Ginger Sarbat?

Lemon sarbat with flavor of ginger i.e. lemon ginger sarbat. A Very refreshing beverage. Lets see how to make this sarbat.

Ingredients –

Lemons – 10

Ginger – 50 gm

Sugar – 800 gm

Yellow Color (Food Color)

Potassium Metabisulfite

Procedure –

First we will need to make lemon-ginger juice.

Take the juice from the lemons.

Peel the gingers and chop them into very small pieces.
Quantity of ginger should be approximately 3/4 the quantity of lemon juice.

Now add lemon and ginger in mixer and mix well. Lemon-ginger juice is ready.

Put vessel on gas. Add sugar and little water to make sugar syrup.

Now add lemon-ginger juice, 1/2 tea spoon yellow color and potassium metabisulfite and
mix well.

Store this lemon-ginger sharbat in bottle.

While serving, add one part of lemon-ginger sarbat and three part of water.


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