Carrot Soup: How to make Tasty Carrot Soup?

              This is one of the simple soup recipes. Carrots are available in the months of summer. Carrots are rich in vitamin A. Poor vision can be remedied by added vitamin A in the diet.

Not only is this soup tasty but healthy as well. So let’s see the ingredients to make tasty carrot soup.

Ingredients – 

Red Carrots

Carrots pieces – 1 cup

Potato pieces – ½ cup

Chopped Spinach – ½ cup


Onion – small


Black pepper

Procedure –

First chop the onion.

Now, in a pan, add butter, two tea spoons of chopped onion, carrot and potato pieces. Add pinch of salt.

Cook it on the steam for 5 minutes on the low flame. Then put this mixture in another vessel. Let it cool down.

Now, add little butter, one tea spoon of chopped onion and spinach. Cook it for two minutes. Then turn of the gas. Let the mixture cool down.

When the mixture of carrots and spinach is at room temperature, put both mixtures in the mixer and mix well.

Now add this thin mixture in another vessel. Add black pepper powder and salt as per taste.

Remember, we have already added salt in carrots and spinach. Hence be careful while adding salt this time.

Cook the mixture for two minutes. Keep the consistency of soup as you like.

Tasty carrot soup is ready. Spinach makes it more healthier. Serve hot.

Chopped carrot or boiled carrot strips can be added for garnishing.

Note: Try to get the red carrots. Red carrots are mostly sweet and also they add nice color to soup.


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