How to make Gulkand Barfi or Gulkand Sweet? – गुलकंदाची बर्फी

Gulkand is sweet preserve of rose petals. Gulkand has cooling properties. It reduces heat in the body. It improves appetite and digestion.

Now let’s see the ingredients required to make gulkand barfi or gulkand sweet.


Gulkand – 1 cup

Grated coconut – 1 (medium size)

Rava – 1 cup

Sugar – 1 cup

Powdered sugar – ½ cup

Milk – ½ cup

Fresh cream – ½ cup

Rose essence

Procedure –

Put karai (kadhai) on the gas.

Add gulkand, grated coconut, rava, sugar, milk and fresh cream to karai.

1 or 2 tea spoon of rose essence can added as per flavor.

Cook the mixture on the medium flame. Cook until mixture become thick so that you can make dough.

Once the mixture becomes thick, add 2-3 tea spoon of powdered sugar. Mix well and turn off the gas.

Now the mixture is ready to make barfi. Spread the mixture on the big plate while it is hot with the thickness you like (approximately 1-2 cm).

You can garnish it with desiccated coconut or dry fruits as you like.

After some time, when mixture is cooled, cut it into pieces.

Gulkand barfi or gulkand sweet is ready to serve.


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